100 Years of Hair: Know Your Beards

Back in July I saw a very funny spot for Gillette Razors that was still impactful. Entitled '100 Years of Hair', this video illustrates the evolution of men’s facial hair styles. Packing the history of men's shaving trends into just 56 seconds, I thought it would be interesting to repost.

During my interviews and research, I've found many Barbers agree that knowing your history is huge and being educated is key. Know your time periods and why a certain trend may suddenly be popular so that when it does come back you will be the go-to Barber.

What's your favorite product to shave with? We are going to discuss Brooklyn Grooming's Shave Oil, Shave Soap and much more later this week and we'd love to hear what you use. Shout out in the comments below or send us an e-mail HerChairHisHair@gmail.com. Happy watching!

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