5 Things To Consider Before A New Cut


On Monday,we discussed what you should look for when finding your barber and I hope some of you have already started following those tips. Today, I wanted to chat about trying a new haircut, and my goal is for this to apply to both Barber and Client. 

Trying a new haircut is scary whether you are behind the chair or in it. So many factors go into a new haircut whether it's discovering a cowlick, finding out a certain area of hair looks darker which can totally throw off a fade, or your client going into total shock because he needs to adjust to a huge change. 

Here are a few tips for everyone involved when considering a new haircut:

Thom definitely tried something new!

Thom definitely tried something new!

1) Maintenance

Everyone loves showing up to work with a fresh new haircut that is styled perfectly but the question is not can you but will you get up every morning to style it exactly like your Barber did? Barbers, during your consultation find out what he does every morning to get ready - if he even does anything to his hair. Do you use product? No? Then your Barber shouldn't either unless with your new cut you are overhauling your prep time in the morning before work. 

Also consider the actual maintenance of getting your hair cut more frequently if it is a style that requires it. I've had guys come in who usually get their hair cut every 6 to 8 weeks and want a skin fade but don't want to come in every 3 weeks. 

2) Style

I ALWAYS ask any guy who sits in my chair what he does for a living. No, I swear I'm not scouting for my next husband, I'm trying to figure out if this particular cut is appropriate for his work situation. Sometimes their workplace doesn't care if they buzz half their head and other times this can result in termination. It is the responsibility of both sides to address and assess whether or not this cut will work out. Barbers, don't be afraid to speak up! He may not even realize how trendy but inappropriate it is for his job.

Don't let Boss Man fire your client.

Don't let Boss Man fire your client.

3) Texture

Most of the time a certain haircut looks fantastic on David Beckham but not on a client no matter how much they want it. This, once again, is a responsibility both parties need to be aware of. Guys, you know how your hair sits and styles every day. Barbers, you know exactly how much you can style hair before it's just improbable for daily styling. Another topic to discuss is the possibility of changing your client's hair texture through chemical process. More and more guys are starting to relax or treat their hair so that they can have a particular look without worrying about blow drying and flat ironing three hours every morning. Make sure your Barber is trained to perform these chemical treatments or ask for a referral Remember: word of mouth is a great way to find someone new!

4) Bumps, Bruises, and Scars, oh my!

Whenever I consult with a client, I ask if there is anything else I need to know. If they stay quiet after this question I push a little further and ask about any bumps, moles or scars. Guys, you know the landscape of your head best! Don't surprise us when we have a 1/2 clipper and find a scar from when you fell off Grandma's tree. You also may have many cowlicks and I guarantee you are aware of them, so speak up! It only helps us make you look better and make your morning routine a piece of cake.

Let me know what you think, leave a comment below! Tell us what you do to ensure you give a client a fantastic haircut.

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Until then!

Oh...so that's how it happens.

Oh...so that's how it happens.