Happy 6 months! Lady Barber Shoot & ScissorSalute™ Show Takeover

This week has been one of many celebrations that are all about Lady Barbers. First on my agenda, and I'm excited to say this, HAPPY 6 MONTHS! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have made it 6 months that includes men's grooming, lady barbers and an ever-growing network of support.

6 months birthday HerChairHisHair NYC

Also, as you've seen on Instagram and around social media, we had our first Her Chair His Hair photo shoot to celebrate some of the amazing women who have put their stories out there. We had mimosas, food, male models and music, oh my! First, the ladies had their photos taken and they came out beautiful and then they had the opportunity to cut male models from Wilhelmina Models. We made sure to take awesome, professional photos of their cuts and I just can't wait to share them. I am absolutely so grateful to AlwaysPro (www.YNZAlwaysPro.com) for being our amazing sponsor for the shoot!

YNZAlwaysPro HerChairHisHair Photoshoot NYC

For Sunday's shoot we rented M.Wild's Studio in New York City and the staff was amazing along with the facilities! All of the ladies, the models and the crew were able to roam freely and I highly suggest renting their space if you ever have any kind of shoot or event.  We had Roqkandy, Stylistfairy, Lici_LadyBarber, Corina_LadyBarber, QueenCutsNRoses attend the shoot and it was amazing to have so many talented women under one roof. 

Aaaaaand if you weren't sick of us after taking over Instagram on Sunday, all of us and MORE joined the ScissorSalute™ Show on Monday from 7 to 9 PM EST. Check it out here and don't forget to support them every Monday at the same time! I had the opportunity to co-host with EliDaBarber (although I actually stole his chair - and his glasses!), Chauncey, Stylezzunique and, of course, Nicole! It was such an amazing, and scary, experience to be up there with all of them but I hope everyone watching the show enjoyed it. What I loved most was being able to chat with RxBarber, INotSasha and ShesMyBarber on the phone as well as catch up with LadyJaeKutz, Mariela, and Thursday in the studio! 

Don't forget to check out Corina's new product, Line Tight, that she mentions on the show. It truly works and comes in a few different sizes so you can even sell some to your clients for when they're at home shaping themselves up. And check back to hear more about Lici's own product line that she will have coming out in the near future. Some of the ladies are also gearing up to make their own t-shirts so definitely look out for that!

To Sefiroh and Newyorican_Queen thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing show and historic night. Here's to women kicking ass and Lady Barbers taking the game into our own hands!

Check back for more behind the scenes footage, photos and articles on Instagram at HerChairHisHair or under the hashtag, #HerChairHisHair to see what your favorite barbers have posted.

Until Next Time,