Battle of the Beard: Part 2!

Last Monday we talked about ways to keep your clients' summer beards ready for this Summer heat and we've been asked 'Now what?'.  I've carefully curated beard care items that in my personal experience have worked best for my clients. Some of you may have other brands that are your go-to, great! I want to hear all about them and try them out for myself because if you use them on your clients or yourself everyday then it's probably super. Using anything on your face is a very personal thing and requires some knowledge of skin care. 

Let's review Beard Facts from last week's Battle of the Beard: Part 1.

Let's review Beard Facts from last week's Battle of the Beard: Part 1.

In my quest to find and use the best beard products possible I have come up with four distinctly different products to suit (hopefully) everyone's taste.

#1) Taylor of Old Bond Street Lavender Brilliantine (250ml)

This company has been around FOREVER...and when I say that I'm not exaggerating. These guys know what they're doing and it shows. This product is great for multiple uses including moisturizing the skin UNDER your beard while giving a nice healthy shine to the many hairs on your face. You can also use it to slick your hair like in Mad Men. 

#2) Beardsley Ultra Beard Shampoo- Wild Berry (236ml)

Most guys already catch food in their beard. So why not have something that smells great and cleans your beard? Definitely makes sense to me. This awesome shampoo softens the beard hairs in the process too so your lover doesn't want to smack you for a rash on their face. 

#3) Brooklyn Grooming Beard Oil Sampler Kit 

And here they are again, ladies and gentlemen! We've mentioned Brooklyn Grooming quite a few times in previous articles and 'why?' you ask? Because we love them! This fun kit offers FOUR different scents. Definitely makes sense to have 'Commando' on hand for daytime and 'Williamsburg' or 'Red Hook' to really impress your date while 'Forte Greene' will make your boss promote you on the spot! 

#4) Fort Amsterdam Cedarwood Mint Beard (1 oil & 1 wax)

We came across these guys on Instagram and absolutely love their products. Everything is natural and there are NO chemical fillers in these products. What we love most about this combo is it has the Cedarwood that we adore from BG but a cool twist of mint. Refreshing! You can also use this duo for different days that you find yourself in need of an oil AND wax.


Let us know what you think in the comments below! Have you tried any of these before? What are your favorite go to beard products for your clients? Guys, have you given beard oil or waxes a shot yet? Sound off below! 

As always, check back Mondays and Thursdays 11AM EST for fun products, tips and lady barbers! Happy Monday ladies and gentlemen, until next time!

Warmest wishes,