No, Your Clients Hair Isn't A Coloring Book.

Lately, it seems that Barbers and Stylists alike are experimenting on the wrong people. My Director at Hairroin Salon so eloquently put it into words this past weekend, "We do NOT practice on clients. That's what family, friends and spouses are for." Yes, yes, yes, 100 times!

In my short time as a Barber in this industry, I cannot tell you how many clients I have had sit in my chair for the craziest reasons. One came in and half his head was a different length than the other half...and they used clippers! Another sat in my chair after coming in with a shaggy haircut and probably 3-4 inches of styling length and had what was equivalent to a number 2 setting.

What? How does this even happen? Look, I don't throw anyone under the bus - I stand there, grit my teeth, and say everyone has an off day but do I really mean it? No. Not at all. There are mistakes that we all as humans make but then there are just people who don't care or don't know what they're doing. 

Don't be that barber. Thanks for the visual, @Insta_Comedy

Don't be that barber. Thanks for the visual, @Insta_Comedy

This post was really just for me to get this off my chest. Most of the time I try to write about things that are not controversial, I try to discuss rainbows and ponies in our industry, but sometimes you just need to say what needs to be said. YOUR CLIENT IS NOT A COLORING BOOK. 'Oops, I colored outside the lines' doesn't work when it translates to 'Oops, I cut it way shorter than you wanted'.

When I first started HerChair His Hair I wrote a few articles that I truly believed in and addressed head on like Finding Your Barber and 5 Things To Consider Before A New Cut. Both of these articles apply to both Barber and client because it is our responsibility as well to guide the people sitting in our chairs to the best haircut possible.

Angie aka @RxBarber had mentioned in her interview "It's so important to realize that we are a huge part of the community and some barbers fail to realize how much of an example we set for the kids who come in. It's cool to be recognized by Instagram or barbers in another state but it's cooler to be respected by your clients. I'm loved by my community and that is SO important.Please be loved by your community and stop practicing on the wrong people (your clients) unless they implore you to try something new on them with full discretion.

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