Finding Your Barber

Guys, choosing a person to trust your hair with is possibly one of the most daunting personal tasks. "Will they listen?" "How experienced are they?" "Am I going to walk out looking like a peacock?" are possible thoughts that surface in the back of your mind. On top of that, many men don’t know how to explain what they want because since they were young they've always plopped into their local barber's chair and received whatever cut was "appropriate" for a boy. I have a few tips to make searching for your next Barber quick and painless.

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1) Yelp. 

Look to see what people are saying about the haircut above anything else. Also, take note of who has the most positive reviews, although don't discredit a stylist if they're not mentioned as much. One good yelp review means someone went out of his or her way to post it. 

 2) Word of Mouth.

Your friends may not always know the best bar to hit on the weekends, but I will guarantee you they will tell you what they think of their Barber. If they're not happy, they may not bash their stylist but you can certainly tell between "they're okay" and "best haircut ever." If you like your friend’s cut consistently, it can't hurt to check the shop out. 

 3) Consultation. 

I can’t tell you how many clients rush me or roll their eyes in the beginning when I ask simple questions like when their last haircut was or how they would like to style it. Once you think you've found your shop and book an appointment, pay attention to this part. This is and will ensure open lines of communication throughout your relationship with your Barber. He or she should want to know what you want to see and how you felt about your previous cut to better gauge what you like best.  

4) Take a stroll. 

All else fails? Take a walk or drive around your area. I have so many die-hard clients who started out as walk-ins. Stop in, chat with them and see how you like the buzz circulating in the shop. Like it? Ask for a quick consultation on what they would do. It takes five minutes, results in you being happy and most likely gives them a new client. 

Let us know your worst or best experiences finding a new barber! Ladies, sound off too; we know you have some great stories about clients who have come in with bad haircuts from the $5 barber. Comment below or shoot us e-mail at