The Fountain Of Youth: Your Hair - But Better

Everyone is searching for the perfect haircut, the perfect face cream, or perhaps even the perfect way to dress. When you think of a man attempting to reclaim youth, what do you see? Box-dyed black hair? A 'Trump-combover'? Or maybe just an ill-suited haircut for someone above the age of 20. Whatever it is, the truth is many men are searching for the answer to looking younger. 

Fountain of Youth Men's Hair Combover Her Chair His Hair

Every client who sits in my chair and is clearly balding always receives the same response: 'Sorry, I won't do that'. I absolutely refuse to partake in a comb-over style cut or anything that just isn't right for my client. Do I understand not every client will agree with what I say or recommend? Absolutely. But each client is your walking billboard, every person who walks by them will ask where they had their hair done if it comes up in a conversation. 

With that being said, let's discuss ways to meet halfway in the middle with your client! Guys who are reading this, listen up too because this will help you communicate with your Barber.

Fountain of Youth Men's Hair Combover Her Chair His Hair

1. Hair Color.

I know a lot of Barbers who color hair and they all want the same thing: to regain some youth without looking like a Sharpie attacked your hair. So how do you meet halfway when it comes to color? Seems like either you color or you don't at all. That's where gray blending comes in! When done properly, gray blending can be so helpful and can take away 5-10 years on a person. My trick is to take the colors that are most natural, if not adding a slight bit of ash. Very rarely will you lighten a client unless they want to go blonde so just remember to match their base color as well as possible and throw a stronger developer on for those pesky grays that don't want to away.

2. Comb-over/Covering Up.

I cannot stand when I see a guy running around with a tuffet of hair covering his head. It just doesn't fool anyone and it doesn't help your client. If you're not ready to totally shave it off then work your way to it. Bring down the hair to a lower number on the clipper and use thinning shears so that it doesn't look fluffy around the thinner/balding area. It's all about light versus shadow. If you have more hair on the sides (shadow), it will make the baldness (light) appear possibly worse.

3. Too Cool For School...Or The Office.

Let's make this very clear: certain hairstyles are not appropriate for the workplace. The first thing I ask during consultation is what my client does for work. Is he in banking? advertising? maybe he freelances. This all tells me exactly what is appropriate for his given work situation. Not every client can have a fade or a taper, especially if working with clients who invest millions of dollars. Sometimes they can! That's the beauty of today's workplace environment: it allows more creativity when it comes to hair. But please don't give them a cut that can result in termination. Sometimes a 65 year old man just shouldn't have the same cut as a 25 year old man and that's okay, too.


I hope this has helped! As always, if you have any questions please shoot me a comment below or an e-mail. If you have anything to add, even better! I always look forward to feedback and learning new information from our amazing community. Remember to check back on Mondays and Thursdays at 11 AM EST!

Until Next Time,