Introducing Brooklyn Grooming

Starting at a new barbershop can mean plenty of things ranging from “Which chair is mine?” to “Do I bring my own products or buy in house?”, the latter being what I freak out about most. Whether you're a veteran or a brand new barber, it’s easy to sympathize with the idea of everything changing when you move to a new shop or salon. In barber school or an apprenticeship, we are given tools that we use as we grow and learn new techniques but eventually we are sometimes told they are no longer acceptable.

Brooklyn Grooming: Brooklyn's First Men's Grooming Line

Brooklyn Grooming: Brooklyn's First Men's Grooming Line

So what does ANY of this have to do with Brooklyn Grooming ? Earlier this year I moved from one men's salon to Barba, and I am so happy to call them my new home! My last salon made their own products in-house so I never had to worry about paying for products, bringing my own or running out. When I began at Barba I thought it was acceptable to bring the same tools over; WRONG! I was still a bit green to how things worked and was told that they carry only one specific line. Unfortunately, as great as the first line was, it had only ONE (very thick) shave cream and nothing else! How is a girl supposed to give an awesome hot towel shave without some fantastic skin care? 


BG has been at Barba about as long as I have after co-owners McKenzie Santiago and Alfredo Ortiz reached out to us via email. It was serendipity! Their products are all hand-bottled in Brooklyn, NY and made with some of the best ingredients you could ask for. Their recipes include organic vegetable butters, beeswax, herbs and essential oils while avoiding chemicals and industrial byproducts. This not only opens up the door to specialize as a Lady Barber for vegans or those with sensitive skin, it also puts you a step above other barbers because the client can definitely tell the quality of what you're putting on them before, during and after their shave. 


As I continue reviewing products on Her Chair His Hair you will see me mention Brooklyn Grooming multiple times because they are always launching something new and because I feel each product deserves its own post. This growing company also sells beard and mustache grooming products, tattoo balms and tonics that are all made naturally. They're definitely a one-stop shop for a lady barber's needs!


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