Men's Styling Made Easy

Before I was a Barber, I was a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist for on-set work. During my time as a Barber, I've dealt with a stigma that we cannot style hair properly. There is a lack of taste level and some gel is just thrown in and a comb is used. BAM! There's your style. 

Aside from cutting and re-styling hair from a fade to a traditional square cut, my favorite part of the experience is styling it. Showing my guys how to style their hair in less than five minutes is a challenge and I enjoy every moment of it. 

How do you style hair? Do you use a blow dryer? Combs or brushes? Maybe just your fingers. And what about product? Do you use one? Three? Perhaps five. Every Barber has a different style and I love that because we can all learn from each other. I know there are still certain looks I have trouble with (although my clients would never know haha).

So what exactly do I do when styling hair? Well, each time it's something different but I thought I'd run down a list of what I typically do given a style that is popular right now. My unsuspecting model did a great job of showing off his hair style and I have to say, it didn't require much muscle work to achieve.

Perhaps you like it, perhaps you have a better way of doing it. Either way, I'd love to hear what you usually do.

Typically when styling a client's hair, I try to follow as normal of a routine as possible. 

1. I always start off by towel drying to dampness just like a gent normally would. If they have curls then I advise against 'rubbing' the hair with the towel and instead squeezing lightly to remove excess water.

2. If the hair is coarse or dry I will always use either a leave in conditioner or serum. In the case of my model I used R+Co Prep Spray ($20). It protects your hair from any heat or any product you plan to apply. It's great for light conditioning which sometimes men's hair could use if they don't use an in-shower conditioner often.

3. Once I have a conditioner in, I blow dry the hair. Yes, I'm looked at like I'm crazy. Yes, I convince them by the end to buy their own (or steal their spouse's dryer). I typically tell them to dry it until dampness (if the towel did not achieve this due to thickness of hair).  Once close to dampness, dry in the direction that you want to style the hair. If you let it go mad, it will be harder to style once you apply your product. 
**I also tell my clients to use their fingers versus brushes/combs if they're not comfortable with it. Pull lightly at the root for volume and create a rounding motion in order to achieve a semi-pompadour look.

4. Final stages! For Zach, I used Oribe Fiber Groom Paste ($29) because it has a great hold while still allowing your client to run their fingers through it. Fiber Groom fuses silken strands with polymers to create bounce, separation, and elastic hold. What's great about this is men can run around, work all day and let their hair go nuts but the moment they attempt to restyle it, the memory in the paste allows for your gent to achieve the original look easily.

As an added step I will sometimes take the blow dryer again on low heat just to seal the product in the style I've given it. Remember less is more and you can always go back and add more if you need to. It's much easier than trying to figure out how to work through too much product.

I'd love to hear what you do for your clients, as I mentioned every style is different and unique and there are a vast amount of products out there for us to use. Check back on Mondays and Thursdays at 11 AM EST for everything men's grooming that I have in store for you!

Warmest wishes,