Peoples Barber & Shop Shows Love!

During my trip to San francisco, I experienced many firsts. My favorite being how welcoming the barbers were no matter where I went. As soon as they found out I was a barber as well, there was an instant camaraderie. I mentioned a few of the places I visited in last week's post "San Francisco: City of Barbers" but that would never do justice for the men and women I met while there. 

A quick visit to Peoples Barber proved to be harder than I anticipated. But then again I'm the jerk that stops in on a Friday or Saturday so *maybe* I deserved to wait. During that time, though, I was treated to such a warm and welcoming experience. Between being offered beer or coffee, Layrite and donuts, my day started off amazing, because who doesn't love Layrite, donuts and beer? 

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As promised last week, I had a fun and quick interview with Lady Barber Jenni Rich (who, unfortunately, doesn't have a social media account currently but we are working on getting some photos of her work. Stay tuned!) She was high in demand and still took the time to sit down with crazy me who walked in on a Saturday morning. 

Originally from Illinois, Jenni moved to Northern California at a young age and has loved it ever since. Currently at Peoples, she also works as an esthetician to private clients 30 minutes outside of San Francisco city and closer to where she lives. 

HCHH: What inspired you to become a Barber?

Jenni R.: I started as an esthetician in 2002 but when work started to slow I thought how I was always interested in being a Lady Barber so I went for my license in 2012. 

HCHH: Approximately how many clients do you see in a given work day?

Jenni R.: On average, about 13 to 15 clients but it varies. I have many regulars but I'm always grateful for the influx of new clients that we're seeing come in. Business has been booming lately, it's great!

HCHH: Has a client ever refused you? If so, based on what?

Jenni R.: I'd say only 3 have ever refused me and it's usually a polite rejection but because they'd prefer a guy. Honestly, I'm ok with that because it's their experience and they're entitled to it.

HCHH: I know you've got to run back because you have a bunch of clients waiting, but real quick! What's your favorite snack when you're too busy to eat?

Jenni R.: They're really, really good about giving us 30 minute breaks so we can actually eat. But my latest obsession has been Quest bars from GNC, they're delicious. 

My morning there also consisted of chatting with some of the other Barbers who were super friendly despite being so busy. Also, their Manager at the front desk made my experience perfect with his pure hospitality and desire to hook me with the best fit when I asked to interview somebody. 

Although haircuts aren't cheap at $38, they're not overly expensive either given the quality and the overall experience. What I love more is that you can make an appointment online here which will save you plenty of time if you're in a meeting. Also, if you have a few minutes, I highly recommend their thread from their blog, 'Shit We Hear At Our Barbershop'. It definitely gives you an idea of the humor this team has and it definitely enticed me to go visit them.

I promise I'll update on Jenni's work asap! It's truly awesome. Check in on Thursday at 11 AM EST for my article on the other shop I visited, The Barber Lounge, which has a totally different vibe from Peoples!


Until Next Time,