StylistFairy Makes Our Hearts Flutter

When I was first introduced to Lorraine (@StylistFairy), I have to admit I had no idea what I was in for. Just like her work, StylistFairy is on fire, and has no regrets working hard in order to achieve her goals. Needless to say, chatting with her on the phone was a breeze and I learned so much about the duality of being a hairstylist AND barber. Lorraine currently works in Westbury, Long Island, New York at M&L Unisex Salon where she does hair for both men and women. Here is her story, I feel so blessed to share it with you all.

StylistFairy Lorraine Lady Barber NYC HerChairHisHair

HCHH: What inspired you to do hair?

StylistFairy: My mother is one [a cosmetologist] too so I grew up in Beauty Industry. In high school, I was always hanging out with people who did awesome cuts and designs. I would see how their clients respected their barbers and looked up to them. I want to be that person – I want to know everybody but in the right way. It's easy to be known for the wrong things.

The summer I turned 17 my car broke down and my phone died but it was close to where I used to live so I walked up the block and there was a Barbershop there with a pay-phone in front. At the time I was thinking about the barber world but wasn't totally sold on it. A barber tried to kick game & when he came up to me I saw an opportunity to see if I could get into the barbershop. I was hired that day.

HCHH: So it was meant to be.

StylistFairy: I was shy and didn’t know how to approach it, I believe it came to me. To this day still cool with the guy who owns it. 

StylistFairy Lorraine Lady Barber NYC HerChairHisHair

HCHH: How many clients do you see in one day? I know it's a bit different since you offer a variety of services to both men and women.

StylistFairy: It depends on day/services/etc. I can see between 8-12 people but I don’t do appointments because there’s only two of us so it’s first come, first serve.

HCHH:What kind of reaction, if any, do you receive from people when they find out what you do for a living?

StylistFairy: A lot of people give me props but then there are other people who I tell and they’ll still size me up. You will always have your haters but you’ll still have your ‘congratulators’. I get other barbers that look at me and say I’m nice and others say they do better. I don’t even stress that.

Like Sasha (@Inotsasha) said in her interview, I also had an ex-boyfriend who I was so in love with that I actually stopped working at the shop for a few months. Soon after, I realized it was a bad decision and broke up with him. He was holding me back. It was pure jealousy. You have to be a strong woman and he has to be a strong man.

StylistFairy Lorraine Lady Barber NYC HerChairHisHair
You have to be a strong woman and he has to be a strong man.

HCHH: Has a client ever refused you?

StylistFairy: Yeah, that has happened to me at the barbershop [I used to work at] and at the current place. It’s not because I’m a girl though, it’s because they’re used to their barber of years. It’s more about loyalty than disrespect and I can definitely understand that.

HCHH: You seem like you'd have a fun story or two from the shop.

StylistFairy: I definitely have a few! One time I’m cutting a client of mine and it’s a busy morning. Everything is going a-ok but all of the sudden I see his car in flames and he ran out of my chair. His car was on fire, smoke was coming through the top and an ambulance showed up! It was a hot day and it was something with his car leaking I think. I didn’t even get to finish his cut! I felt so bad.

Another guy was sitting in my chair and someone just hit his car. He ran out of my chair, I didn’t get to finish that cut either!

HCHH: Your clients just don’t have good luck with their cars. I’ll just make sure when I come to visit you, I’ll have Sefiroh [of ScissorSalute™] drive his car! 

StylistFairy Lorraine Lady Barber NYC HerChairHisHair
It’s more about loyalty than disrespect and I can definitely understand that. [on clients not seeing her in the shop]

HCHH: Any upcoming projects or events that you'll be participating in?

StylistFairy: I’ve done a lot already like the ScissorSalute™ Showcase in New Jersey this past weekend for the DreamTeamCutz "East Coast Showdown". But beside that, I have nothing set in stone coming up right now.

HCHH: Do you have a favorite tool? Maybe one you made sure to bring down to New Jersey?

StylistFairy: You’re talking to somebody who’s very adaptable. It doesn’t matter to me what I use because I don’t feel like I have a specific tool that I go to - it depends on the cut.

 HCHH: Ok I want to know, what's your biggest pet peeve in the shop?

StylistFairy: When parents cant keep their kids in check. Control your child.  [laughs]

StylistFairy Lorraine Lady Barber NYC HerChairHisHair
I know it is a cut throat industry but I think we can be better to each other.

 HCHH: And as we all know, I have to ask what your favorite snack is when you're busy at the shop.

StylistFairy:  I always have to drink Seltzer Water when I know I’m going to have a busy day. I drink it by the gallons – you’ll see bottles around the shop. Something to eat is definitely shrimp egg roll. I go over [to the Chinese restaurant] really quick and I feel good. I’m not really a candy person. I’ll have like two [egg rolls] at a time.

**Editor's note: Lorraine and I have started a contest about who can eat the weirdest food pairings. She's winning so far. -_-

 HCHH: Do you have any goals, hopes, or dreams that pertain to your career as a barber that you’d like to share? 

StylistFairy: I just want to become a well-known barber/hair stylist. I was tapping into makeup before but at the shop it becomes overwhelming to do men, women, AND makeup. I think the makeup will definitely happen again. I do a lot of freelance work – I don’t just work at the shop. Bridal, Sweet 15/16s, whatever the client requires. If you need me, I got you.

 HCHH: I feel like we've covered everything, thank you again for your time. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

StylistFairy:  I just want to add that I’m not a hater, I’m real. I just want people to be more receptive to each other. I know it is a cut throat industry but I think we can be better to each other. People just use other people and that’s so disappointing. 

StylistFairy Lorraine Lady Barber NYC HerChairHisHair

So there you have it, Lorraine is just a hard working woman with love for other Barbers. I'm starting to see a trend regarding respect for each other, let's hope it continues! If you'd like to book Lorraine, leave a comment below or find her on Instagram @StylistFairy. Check back in Mondays and Thursdays 11 AM EST for tips and tricks and every other Thursday for a new Lady Barber! We're always looking for our next talented lady to feature so send us references. Thanks again for your support!