1,000 Hashtags!

I woke up this morning and it was rainy, gross and cold here in New York. Then I logged on to HerChairHisHair's Instagram and saw that we exceeded 1,000 hashtags as of today! Last month when I reposted we were only around 650 if I recall correctly!

happy Her Chair His Hair Hashtag 1000 NYC

Thank you to everyone who has supported us: Lady Barbers, Brother Barbers and even clients tagging in their own selfies. It is amazing how far we have come since June 1st and I can't wait to see how much this community continues to grow!

There have been so many hashtags since the last time that I posted that I wanted to truly give each image a shot to be featured so between here and the Instagram page, I will be reposting images today through next Thursday. Don't forget to check and see if it's yours!

This week's theme is (*drumroll*)...BABIES! Too many of you posted kids that were just adorable so I decided to make a theme out of it...because I can. So there. :)


PS: I've also decided to try this new gallery feature so you don't have to scroll forever and can save your thumb for shear work. Let me know what you think!