Chase Monroe - the Amazing Lady Barber!

Intense and quirky aren’t typically two adjectives that are used to describe the same person but for Lady Barber Chase Monroe, they are only the start. A fire in her belly to be the best and brilliant humor that is quick to roll off her tongue, Chase doesn’t hold back and I love it.

Currently located in California, this Lady Barber works at Apollo’s Barbershop in Valencia while freelancing for corporate accounts such as Go Daddy.  Despite constantly being booked between the shop and her freelance work, she still finds time to run her YouTube channel to further educate viewers on the Barber industry. Luckily, she found some time to sit down with us and chat.



HCHH: What inspired you to become a Barber?

Chase Monroe: I started in Cosmetology and loved working with women’s hair for shoots, but not in a salon. It was great money but super judgmental, if I couldn’t pick something up they’d just be frustrated and I felt something was totally missing.


HCHH: Approximately, how many clients do you currently see in a typical day?

Chase Monroe: Like most shops, it depends on the day. Fridays and Saturdays I’m slammed – almost no availability but I’d rather have quality over quantity.


HCHH: Has a client ever refused you?

Chase Monroe: Yeah for sure! The receptionist just asks clients if they want ‘the girl’ which is totally unhelpful when trying to build repeat customers. I tend to have more younger children and older men thrown my way. One time I had a Yelp review from ‘John’ saying it was the worst cut, all uneven and he wouldn’t suggest seeing me, ‘the girl’. I tried to follow up and ask questions, even offer a free cut, but he never responded. That sucked because there was nothing I could do about it.


HCHH: Do you feel being a female barber puts you at a disadvantage sometimes?

Chase Monroe: I feel like I always have to be on point because there is something to prove when gender should really have nothing to do with it. A client said to another Barber in my shop “Girls can’t fade…I need a GUY.”

HCHH: Well that’s just rude. So you mentioned that the other Barbers are like your family, like brothers. Does this work to your advantage at all?

Chase Monroe: Like most families, there’s a certain dynamic and you can’t mess with it without getting called out. Us Lady Barbers intimidate them, they’re not used to girls like us. You have to blend in and be one of the guys.  I’m naturally curvy but more reserved, I don’t lean over and rub against the clients like the guys think we do – I want respect.

HCHH: Let’s switch it up! Any projects coming up or that you’re currently working on?

Chase Monroe: Nothing new coming up but I’m just continuing to work on my YouTube channel, I want to brand myself as a Lady Barber and travel to Chicago, Seattle, Miami, even some sleepy town in the Midwest! Maybe have Netflix pick it up eventually because I’d love to discuss the Barber culture and meet great people.

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 9.04.21 AM.png

HCHH: Like I asked Brea, name your favorite tool and favorite snack! They’re important to us Lady Barbers.

Chase Monroe: [laughs] My favorite tool is the feather razor, it’s great for the neck that everyone at the shop uses. I like detailing with the razor around the beard, neck, hairline, forehead, you know – us girls notice these details. Favorite snack? Hmm... Redbull Silver and probably doughnuts – the tiny, wrapped ones that are chocolate or powdered. I NEVER finish them but that’s my thing. Next door, it comes to $4.44, I don’t know why, but I like that.


HCHH: What bothers you the most? On set, in the shop, anywhere that you’re cutting hair.

Chase Monroe: Wow…hmm…I’d say I have two. One is related to music; we listen to a lot of classic Italian music in the shop. I mean, I’m Italian, it’s interesting but we work in a Barbershop. My second would be that there is no loyalty anymore in barbershops.


HCHH: Anything else? I love chatting with you, I don’t want it to end!

Chase Monroe: There’s other Lady Barbers out there and I’d like to get to know them too. On my wall there’s photos I purchased from Ebay of Lady Barbers, I want these guys to know that, yeah, this is a boy’s club but I’m honoring the past. We’re continually a part of a time honored career and I love it.


Thanks so much to Chase for chatting with us! If you want to check out her work on Instagram, her username is @LadyBarberMonroe. Tune in every other Thursday for your Lady Barbers at 11:00 AM EST!

Until then,