Barber Battle Tips by @Lici_LadyBarber

Every coast hosts a battle and some battles travel from city to city. With so much competition and so many different judges, how could you possibly know what to do to win? Every barber at some point battles whether early or later in their career but it seems that it's extremely hard to place in most of these events.

Lici_LadyBarber was recently one of THREE judges at the She's My Barber Battle in Oakland, California. With so many fantastic women competing, it was definitely hard to tell who was going to come out on top.

I caught up with Lici after the event and asked what sets a barber apart from the others during the competition? Is it the haircut only? Or the tools they use? Perhaps just sheer luck of doing a better job than they normally do? And she schooled me on the whole situation so we figured it would be a great idea to share this information with everyone. 

Comment below! Have you battled before? Or are you possibly considering it? Has the video helped you understand the process either way? Let us know.
Cassie Exclusive:
Tips and tricks for winning your next battle by Lici LadyBarber

First Image by Alana Tyler Slutsky

Video by Lici_LadyBarber

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