1,000 Hashtags: Part 2!

Sorry for the radio silence yesterday everyone! I was on set and it proved to be a busy, busy day. Of course I didn't want this to post without making sure I had included everyone that gave a shout with the hashtag #HerChairHisHair. 

Last Thursday the theme was kids cuts and today I wanted to focus on the ladies behind the chair. So enjoy the beauty, brains and serious selfies these Lady Barbers serve up on their Instagram and don't forget to hashtag #HerChairHisHair so you can be featured the next time around!

For my crimes I promise to make another post tomorrow with a different theme. Pinky swear.

Oh! One last thing...we've officially hit 1.1k hashtags since last Thursday! Thank you again for the support it's truly amazing. 


1,000 Hashtags!

I woke up this morning and it was rainy, gross and cold here in New York. Then I logged on to HerChairHisHair's Instagram and saw that we exceeded 1,000 hashtags as of today! Last month when I reposted we were only around 650 if I recall correctly!

happy Her Chair His Hair Hashtag 1000 NYC

Thank you to everyone who has supported us: Lady Barbers, Brother Barbers and even clients tagging in their own selfies. It is amazing how far we have come since June 1st and I can't wait to see how much this community continues to grow!

There have been so many hashtags since the last time that I posted that I wanted to truly give each image a shot to be featured so between here and the Instagram page, I will be reposting images today through next Thursday. Don't forget to check and see if it's yours!

This week's theme is (*drumroll*)...BABIES! Too many of you posted kids that were just adorable so I decided to make a theme out of it...because I can. So there. :)


PS: I've also decided to try this new gallery feature so you don't have to scroll forever and can save your thumb for shear work. Let me know what you think!

100 Years of Hair: Know Your Beards

Back in July I saw a very funny spot for Gillette Razors that was still impactful. Entitled '100 Years of Hair', this video illustrates the evolution of men’s facial hair styles. Packing the history of men's shaving trends into just 56 seconds, I thought it would be interesting to repost.

During my interviews and research, I've found many Barbers agree that knowing your history is huge and being educated is key. Know your time periods and why a certain trend may suddenly be popular so that when it does come back you will be the go-to Barber.

What's your favorite product to shave with? We are going to discuss Brooklyn Grooming's Shave Oil, Shave Soap and much more later this week and we'd love to hear what you use. Shout out in the comments below or send us an e-mail HerChairHisHair@gmail.com. Happy watching!

Until Next Time,

San Francisco Barbers: Esquire Network Sip & Shave

One of the things I have set up is Google Alerts. While it helps me keep on top of new products coming out it also helps me find out about awesome events like Esquire Network's Sip and Shave.

It will be held at the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco, taking place from August 8-10, 2014. The 'Sip & Shave' will offer festival attendees complimentary shave sessions, specialty cocktails and exclusive access to meet Esquire Network's Jay Larson and Sean Patton from BEST BARS IN AMERICA, and chefs Naomi Pomeroy and Kris Morningstar from KNIFE FIGHT.

"Embodying the genres Esquire Network's programming celebrates, Outside Lands is the perfect balance of music, cocktails and cuisine," said Deena Stern, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Digital for Esquire Network. "Our audience enjoys spending time and sharing experiences with friends. This intimate activation provides the perfect opportunity to sample the Esquire Network brand while connecting with our young, curious and sophisticated audience."

My goal is to always make more connections as a Barber because that's when you set yourself up for future success. I wish I could be there for this event and I urge each of you to go and network (bring business cards, comp cards, anything to promote your work).  Like I mentioned in my previous post How To Make More Money, one of the biggest things you can do is improve your social skills as a Barber. Yes, these people will be shaved by other Barbers but why not approach them and ask what they liked about it? Or if they're looking for a new Barber? Can't hurt to ask a question. Or better yet, ask these Barbers how they were contacted to work this event for Esquire Network, that can't hurt either!

Have fun for me and check back Thursday 11 AM EST. See you then!

Warmest wishes,


Repost Worthy: It's a Man's Man's World

The other "C" takes us on a journey of what it is like to be a Lady Barber from her perspective. I think many of us can relate to it on a personal and professional level regardless the industry you belong to be it medical, creative or technical. We all belong in someone else's world to a degree at any given point of our careers and this speaks to it extremely well. I will let "C" take it from here....


I Am Her

Welcome to my world. Its a man’s world around here sometimes. I am a Master Barber and it has been my pleasure to for the last 13 years to keep the men in my world looking manly.

 The benefit of being a woman in a male dominated field is that I add a certain something. A touch, not unlike the midas type, that keeps them coming back for more and more. My expertise goes beyond basic haircuts and trims. From hair to skin care. From timepieces to sneakers. From classic menswear to street style, that woman’s touch. Thats the finishing touch that they all seek.

Ultimately, I love when a man is dressed and impeccably groomed. Whether he going to formal event, the office, dinner party or just hitting the streets with his people. Well dressed for any occasion is my thing.

So here I am celebrating what I see, what makes sense and looks good. I am sharing what I know. Razors. Shaving oils. Haircuts. Maintaing styles at home, barbershop etiquette[...].