The Best Worst Yelp Review

I think everyone has caught on to the fact that I write about what occurs during the week in my shop and chair. It's inevitable that an idea will spark from what I deal with every day but I want to put it out there that it is the strangest thing for me to write and think half the people reading will care. It also needs to be said, though, that every article and topic I write, every Lady Barber I feature, and every event I report, are integral parts of each Barber's career in our industry. Whether it's color, consultation, struggles, or successes, we as Barbers can all relate with sympathy and interest. 

With that being said, I wanted to touch on a topic that has increasingly been the cause of success or demise to a Barber (and every other business) in the past decade. Yelp. I have worked as a bartender, in retail, as a makeup artist and now a Barber so I have always known the mantra 'The customer is always right'. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that we as professionals would be so susceptible to a disgruntled clients' complaint. Do we always aim to please every one? I'd hope so, scratch that, know so. But more and more we are finding people are lashing out for things beyond a company's control; like the unhappy customer who wanted to take food to-go from a fine dining restaurant. 

This is the story of the best one star review I will ever hope for in my career.

Picture a quiet, rainy evening in the shop. You know the kind where you had a few reschedules and nobody is venturing out in that weather on a Monday. I was quietly working on a colleague's hair and discussing new products that we had just received; no big deal. Remember when I discussed a few weeks ago how Your Clients Hair Is Not A Coloring Book? Well this situation definitely validates that article. 

To give a quick run-down: a client was given to a stylist, instead of me, the Barber, because my price-point was a bit higher. No big deal, it happens and I'm okay with that. But in this particular instance, the stylist was given quite a few men that day and I had noticed a certain lack of joy when it came to cutting men's hair. None of my business, I have my clients and this was her walk-in. What resulted from this appointment could either help or hurt me because most people do not read a full Yelp review and only look at the rating and the name.

So as you can see this client was extremely unhappy given his rating and narrative in the beginning. Where do I come in to play you ask? That follows soon after...

Luckily, I was available to assess the situation. How nice of him to say! So why is this bad? Because each person that reads this review has the opportunity to actually read it in entirety or see the one star and only my name because he was protecting the negligent party. Sigh...

Overall, he put really positive comments about me and luckily at the end as well so hopefully the people skimming will be confused and read in detail.

So why is this the worst and best review of my career? Because I'm crazy quite frankly. I only see the good in things and refuse to feel bad that my name is associated with a one star review. The people who choose to skim are like the lady who chose to ignore the fact that a fine dining restaurant does not do delivery or to-go orders. More than likely you don't want them in your chair anyway.

As for the other people who do their research and don't disqualify you based off one review are the loyal clients, the long-timers. They are the guys who show you photos of their kids growing up, ask for your opinion on a sticky situation, and take care of you after all the times you have taken care of them. 

Next time you have someone in your chair that you think is a 'Yelper' and may wreak havoc, remember this article. If you can do something to achieve a better result or outcome - do it. But let's not forget that not all bad reviews are truly bad. *wink wink* Catch you Thursday 11 AM EST!



One Product That'll Make Your Hair Do ANYTHING.

Last week we celebrated our One Month and one of the things I mentioned was how this site exists because of you all. Whether you're a Barber, Stylist, or a guy trying to figure out his hair, you all create this community that I'm continuously working hard to build. With that being said, I've received a request! And no, it's not from anyone in the hairstyling community but from guys who have been reading this. They want to know about Leave In Conditioner because they honestly know nothing about this product. 

All these options, how is anyone supposed to figure out what goop to stick in their hair? One good trick to remember is that it should not feel goopy. Just sayin'. I've compiled three of my favorite leave in conditioners with the following guidelines: Access, Compatibility (with hair types), Design, and Price.

Let's get started.

B for Men Bed Head by TIGI Leave-in Conditioner Her Chair His Hair

1) B for Men, Bed Head by TIGI, $12 is a great option for leave-in conditioner. They're easy to find in Harmon's, on Amazon or their own site while offering a great price that appeals to men. I do find that they're conditioner can lean on the heavy side due to it being a cream so use sparingly. Overall, I give a 7/8 taking one of two points for Compatibility. 

BB Leave In Leave-in Conditioner Her Chair His Hair

2) BB Leave In (Rinse Out) Conditioner, Bumble and Bumble, $26 may just be a cult favorite for many stylists. Bumble is known for their professional quality line for personal use prices. To guys $26 may seem like a lot of money for a leave-in conditioner but what I love about this one is it can be used as both rinse out or leave-in. I always recommend to my clients to condition in the shower when they wash their hair (at least twice a week) but to also use a leave in conditioner if their hair is coarse or hard to style. Bumble is really easy to get your hands on and I don't find their formula too heavy given it's acts as both kinds of conditioner. Definitely an 8/8 overall.

Unite 7 seconds Leave-in Conditioner Her Chair His Hair

3) 7 Seconds Conditioner, Unite, offers my personal favorite leave-in conditioner. It's a spray making it hard to grease up your hair and they offer it for sale on the site (2 oz for $10 or 8 oz for $26.25) or give you a system to find a salon nearby. What I recommend for my guys is to buy both sizes so they have the big one at home but the smaller one for when they shower at the gym. This can be used daily or only a couple of times a week depending on how dry or coarse your hair is. 8/8 in my book for Unite!



Barbers and Stylists, do you use leave in conditioner on your guys? What are some of your favorites? Guys! I've already heard from some of you and now want to hear from the rest, do you use Leave-In Conditioner? Has it worked for you? If not, what did you not like about it? Looking forward to your comments below or as always use the Contact page and send an e-mail!

Until Next Time,

Shaving on Set!

Two weeks ago I had FOUR men's editorials, most on location and all of them requiring the models to shave. All of my barbers whether ladies or gentlemen know that a shave in the shop is fun! You have pre-shave oils, hot lather, maybe a steamer and nice hot or cold towels...oh, and a proper chair. Many of my fellow freelancers can agree that shaving is the last thing you want to take care of on set. Aside from time constrictions, people running around constantly asking for ETA to set, and lack of a proper chair, we dread having a model who isn't freshly shaved. Sure, some clients don't mind scruff, but for those who do, it puts a real damper on the makeup application. 

Shaving On Set Her Chair His Hair

I treat men shaving on set just like my female clients having their eyebrows waxed or threaded while preparing for a shoot or special occasion. If you do it too close to the day of the skin will not allow makeup to adhere thus not allowing the artist to cover any redness or flaws. It is a real pain! But I have figured out two small, simple but super helpful solutions that can be applied to shaving whether on set or in a rush. 

Glycerine Shaving on Set Her Chair His Hair

Taking a few drops of your drugstore Glycerine and adding it to your shaving cream will help create a barrier on the skin. What most people fail to realize is that when you shave you're not only removing hair but a layer of skin as well which causes inflammation and redness. This is why pre-shave and after shave oils are so important but when you're in a pinch on set this will be a life saver! By creating a thin layer, it protects the skin and allows the Makeup Artist to apply anything on the skin with ease. It also helps male models or male clients who are 'dry shaving' on set prevent breakouts after. I will note that if you have sensitive skin or are treating your skin with any medication, to please take this tip with a grain of salt, I am not a dermatologist and cannot specify who this will work for. 

Whip Hand Give Good Face Shaving on Set Her Chair His Hair

While your handy Glycerine helps protect the skin while shaving, you should still continue after as well. Although I haven't had the opportunity to discuss Whiphand Cosmetics on Her Chair His Hair yet, I felt that this product was a must to mention! Riese Lauriat has developed a whole line for makeup artists that I have used since day one, it is a staple for sure. Give Good Face is a rosewater toner that can be used before makeup application as well as after to refresh skin that may dry. So why mention it for shaving? Rosewater is known to reduce redness and naturally balance the skin which most men don't realize they need after using their handy razor. Aside from it helping out your client's skin, Whiphand developed a handy 1 ounce bottle for all your travel needs that can be refilled from their larger size bottle. A definite must have in my kit and all of the guys love how it smells!

I want to hear what your go-to products are for shaving on the go or on set! Lady Barbers, Makeup Artists, Men's Groomers, what do you prefer to use? If you give our two products a try, let us know what you think and if it helped at all! Check back on Thursday at 11:00 AM EST for more reviews, helpful tips and our feature on Chase Monroe, Lady Barber extraordinaire! 


Cleanse by Lauren Napier

In May 2014, I came across this smaller booth on the second floor at The Makeup Show, which is held regularly in New York City. There I met and spoke with a vibrant woman who was genuinely interested in what I did for my work. Her name is Lauren Napier, and she is a professional Makeup Artist with credits including, but not limited to, Bill Clinton, Michael J. Fox and Ben Affleck. When she told me that her Cleansing Wipes would be perfect for my men on-set, I couldn't say no.

The boys loved Cleanse on set!

The boys loved Cleanse on set!

Ms. Napier wasn't lying when she said how perfect the wipes would be for men's grooming. I tested them out this week on-set for a magazine editorial where I had FIVE male models who all had different skin types ranging from supremely sensitive to nearly perfect. After a long day on set, some makeup and Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate, the boys were ready to take it all off. The responses I received ranged from “This is awesome!” to “Wow, I don't need multiple wipes – it just takes it all off.” When chatting with Lauren, she mentioned that she designed the wipes to be large enough for a man, durable so there wouldn't be small white bits on the beard area, and strong enough to take the makeup off in one shot.

More male models who loved Cleanse by Lauren Napier on set!

More male models who loved Cleanse by Lauren Napier on set!

The benefits of these cleansing wipes goes beyond removing makeup. When you remove one from its individual package, you can smell how refreshing Cleanse is. Loaded with Aloe, Chamonlilla and Cucumber, these three primary ingredients prevent dehydration, reduce redness and growth of bacteria, and alleviate inflammation while refining pores and tightening skin. Sounds like a great deal, right? It is! Tried and true, purchased with my own money, I am in LOVE with Cleanse by Lauren Napier.

Let me know what you think of them. What are your favorite wipes for guys on-set or for yourselves? Leave a comment below!

**CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER facial cleansing wipes are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, and are safe for contact lens wearers.

Check back for product reviews every Monday at 11:00 AM EST.

Until then!

Disclaimer for Reviews

When I decided to start a website that discusses mens grooming, I promised myself that anything I wrote about would not be for sale. One of the goals I set out to accomplish with Her Chair His Hair was to discuss great products without any hinderance due to contractual agreements or paid for sponsorships and that is still an integral promise to myself and to you, my audience. Nobody likes feeling duped when they follow a suggestion on a new product or slighted when it does not achieve the desired result. 

Working in retail had taught me many things but one being that a client will always return if you do not over promise or over sell. Gain their trust and you have a customer for life who will allow you to offer valuable insight and, in return, increase your sales. The companies that employed me were not thrilled by my tactics in the short term but over time saw a steady and constant increase in my sales numbers, referrals and returns. This also applies to my clients at Barba Men's Grooming Boutique and on set for my freelance work. 

Right now I am writing out a contractual agreement between both you and I: 

  • Her Chair His Hair and any authors or guest bloggers will never promote a product that has not been used by the writer.
  • I promise if there is ever a post about any company or product that has been paid for, our readers will be made aware, and we will still give an unbiased review.
  • In tandem with that, I will always disclose all potential conflicts of interest. 
  • My responsibility is to you: I will always be fully accountable for anything that I post.

Cross my heart!



Ethics Matter

Ethics Matter