Sasha: She's Sensationally Talented

Last week I had the pleasure of introducing Chase Monroe, a fierce lady barber hailing from California. Today, I am so thrilled to publish my interview with Sasha (@inotsasha), an amazing Lady Barber from Jacksonville, FL. Unlike most barbers who start at a younger age, Sasha decided to pursue her career only four years ago at 27 while working in a totally different career at a domestic violence shelter. Despite her late start, she is already a shining star at Perfections Barbershop with a wonderful story to tell.

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HCHH: What inspired you to become a Barber?

Sasha: Admiration…when I was younger it was during the high top craze: late 80’s early 90’s. I started drawing the hair cuts and all of the designs that I could remember. I admire cosmetology but I love barbering and seeing men that are well groomed.

HCHH: So how many men do you groom daily at the shop?

Sasha: It really depends on each day. It could be anywhere from five cuts to 20! Most of my regulars know I have a split schedule so usually Fridays I'm working until 9:00 PM or so. Luckily, my other job at the shelter is really understanding and gives me the opportunity to have a flexible schedule.

HCHH: When people find out you're a barber and not a stylist how do they react? 

Sasha:  I mostly get a lot of what I call the ‘yeah right’ face because I’m a woman. I like challenges, I always have especially when somebody tells me what I can’t do and I’ll do everything in my power to prove [them] wrong. I broke up with two different guys over being a barber – second one because he didn’t like seeing me being 'around those guys.' 


HCHH: I can't believe you had to end two relationships because they couldn't wrap their head around you being a Barber. Well if your exes couldn't handle it, could your clients?

Sasha: I had a client who seemed hesitant and I told him if I mess up and [he's] unhappy, it’s on me. My co-workers backed me up saying he was in good hands and I didn’t let him see the cut until I was done. [laughs] When he finally saw it, he smiled so I was happy. Oh! Once I heard a client comment like ‘Oh there’s a girl cutting hair here.’ And the barber across from me said ‘Yeah she cuts nice.’ His client who never seems happy said ‘No girl is ever cutting my hair.’ I’m in the South so there’s still a chauvinistic feel along the lines of 'women belong in the kitchen.'

Inotsasha Sasha Lady Barber Herchairhishair

HCHH: It seems like to me the guys have your back, do you think so? 

Sasha: I work with a cool group of guys but I had to earn their respect. They saw me do something simple and weren’t impressed of course, but I’m glad I earned it after all of the hard work. It solidifies my spot in the shop and now they will recommend me if they're busy. I’m thankful for that.

HCHH: Biggest pet it!

Sasha: Biggest pet peeve, gosh… My biggest one in the shop is slouching when it’s your time to get your haircut. I can’t stand it. Thankfully I only have two clients [I know personally] who do it so I feel comfortable letting them know. Also the movers and shakers – they don’t sit still during the haircut and I'm trying not to cut their ear. I tell them I’ll shave their eyebrows off! [laughs]

HCHH: I think we should make a PSA letting people know to sit still or they may not have an eyebrow. So like clippers to buzz off that your favorite tool?

Sasha: I do like my pair of Wahl clippers, they’re a bit nostalgic I think. They were the first pair of clippers from Walgreens I had when I used to only cut my nephew's hair. But my favorite tool is the straight razor – I do a lot of shaves and I love doing head shave. The blades are usually Derby.. I’m a derby girl for sure.

inotsasha Sasha Lady Barber Herchairhishair

HCHH: You know I have to ask...favorite snack! 

Sasha: I was waiting for this one. Definitely Smart Food White Cheddar Popcorn and a bottle of Perrier and I’m a happy camper. I come in the door in the morning with it two bags and bottles just in case it gets busy. Brea made me want cookies and Chase made me want red bull haha. 

HCHH: Now  I want cookies and popcorn...I'm blaming you ladies for my newfound diet! But while I eat some popcorn, tell me about any goals or dreams you may have in your Lady Barber career.

Sasha: As far as goals go, I would love by the end of the year to double my social media following as well as clientele. Like I said I love a challenge and most clients find me through social media. That’s the era we live in now, in my opinion. Speaking long term I’d like my own shop, I definitely want my own place where gentlemen can come and relax relieve their stress. Whether it's talk & discuss things like sports, news or just recover from their week. I don’t know where I’d want to open it we’ll see.

HCHH: Very nice, let me know when you start planning, I'd love to see what you have in mind for the shop. Anything else you'd like to add?

Sasha INotsasha HerChairhishair Lady Barber

Sasha: I would like to say a big, big, big thank you to my sister Tonya and nephew Nate who have been my biggest supporters. If I said I wanted to sell shoe laces they would say 'ok what kind of laces?'. She let me hack away at her kid’s hair for years. They are definitely Team Sasha, they encourage and push me to move forward. They’re the two people who have my back even when I doubt myself and my work and I feel that a public 'thank you' is deserved. 

I will back up Sasha and say thank you to Tonya and Nate as well, you have clearly helped her cultivate her career and I think it's awesome! To schedule an appointment with Sasha, comment below or find her on Instagram at @INOTSASHA. Have a lady barber you think we should interview? Let us know! And check back every other Thursday at 11:00 AM EST for your favorite lady barbers!

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