Whiphand Cosmetics: Detroit's Destiny

Last week, I mentioned a small but strong company named Whip Hand Cosmetics in Shaving on Set!. So far, I have received tremendous feedback requesting more information on them and thought I'd properly introduce them like I had introduced Brooklyn Grooming earlier this month. Who's the mastermind behind Whip Hand? Better yet, how did they come up with fantastic products that are geared towards both men and women without scaring either off? I'd love to tell you right now. 

Whip Hand Cosmetics Her Chair His Hair

Although primarily geared towards Makeup Artists, Whip Hand has become a strong force in the men's grooming arena. Products ranging from 'Give Good Face' Rosewater Tonic to 'Strike It Rich' Deep Cleansing Oil allow men to take care of their skin without feeling out of place. Most companies do not consider both men and women, but every detail ranging from the bold colors to the strong text suggest that Whip Hand has carefully curated a line that is open to any one. 

Fun fact: the company was founded only 3 years ago in 2011 and launched May 2012! In a few short years they have taken strides to establish themselves as a go to for professionals and consumers alike. I briefly introduced Riese Lauriat in Shaving On Set! but feel she deserves a larger round of applause for her hard work and devotion to this company. A veteren professional makeup artist and esthetician, Riese has more than 15 years of experience in the beauty industry. While Riese loves the creativity of producing beautiful, useable makeup, she will say that her real reason for starting Whip Hand Cosmetics was to open up opportunities for other men and women in the field and to create jobs in Detroit. 

Riese Lauriat, founder of Whip Hand Cosmetics, working on set behind the scenes.

Riese Lauriat, founder of Whip Hand Cosmetics, working on set behind the scenes.

Although in it's infancy, Whip Hand Cosmetics has already been present at large name events and used on awesome celebrities. As I've mentioned, I use it on set all of the time for when I need to do a quick shave or need to ensure the minimal makeup I apply on a male model stays in crazy temperatures. Rashida Bishop, a professional men's groomer, even used it on Patrick Stewart for one of her shoots! They've been featured in Women's Wear Daily, The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Allure Magazine and have sponsored Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami, phew! I can see Riese is keeping her tight knit company busy and it's certainly paying off. 

When asked about their process, Whip Hand stated:
"All of Whip Hand Cosmetics professional makeup artist-quality cosmetics and skin care products are developed and manufactured in Metro-Detroit in small lots, by hand. While this process is more labor-intensive, it allows us to create unique products of exceptional-quality that stand-up to the demands of pros, while also delighting makeup lovers of all colors and walks of life."

Hmm...I'm starting to notice a correlation between companies I love for their quality and this trend of developing their products by hand (cough, Brooklyn Grooming). I can't wait to continue updating you all on their fabulous products and their versatile uses in the shop as well as on set! Have you used Whip Hand Cosmetics before? Tell us in the comments or e-mail us with your feedback, we'd love to hear!

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Cleanse by Lauren Napier

In May 2014, I came across this smaller booth on the second floor at The Makeup Show, which is held regularly in New York City. There I met and spoke with a vibrant woman who was genuinely interested in what I did for my work. Her name is Lauren Napier, and she is a professional Makeup Artist with credits including, but not limited to, Bill Clinton, Michael J. Fox and Ben Affleck. When she told me that her Cleansing Wipes would be perfect for my men on-set, I couldn't say no.

The boys loved Cleanse on set!

The boys loved Cleanse on set!

Ms. Napier wasn't lying when she said how perfect the wipes would be for men's grooming. I tested them out this week on-set for a magazine editorial where I had FIVE male models who all had different skin types ranging from supremely sensitive to nearly perfect. After a long day on set, some makeup and Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate, the boys were ready to take it all off. The responses I received ranged from “This is awesome!” to “Wow, I don't need multiple wipes – it just takes it all off.” When chatting with Lauren, she mentioned that she designed the wipes to be large enough for a man, durable so there wouldn't be small white bits on the beard area, and strong enough to take the makeup off in one shot.

More male models who loved Cleanse by Lauren Napier on set!

More male models who loved Cleanse by Lauren Napier on set!

The benefits of these cleansing wipes goes beyond removing makeup. When you remove one from its individual package, you can smell how refreshing Cleanse is. Loaded with Aloe, Chamonlilla and Cucumber, these three primary ingredients prevent dehydration, reduce redness and growth of bacteria, and alleviate inflammation while refining pores and tightening skin. Sounds like a great deal, right? It is! Tried and true, purchased with my own money, I am in LOVE with Cleanse by Lauren Napier.

Let me know what you think of them. What are your favorite wipes for guys on-set or for yourselves? Leave a comment below!

**CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER facial cleansing wipes are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, and are safe for contact lens wearers.

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