Whiphand Cosmetics: Detroit's Destiny

Last week, I mentioned a small but strong company named Whip Hand Cosmetics in Shaving on Set!. So far, I have received tremendous feedback requesting more information on them and thought I'd properly introduce them like I had introduced Brooklyn Grooming earlier this month. Who's the mastermind behind Whip Hand? Better yet, how did they come up with fantastic products that are geared towards both men and women without scaring either off? I'd love to tell you right now. 

Whip Hand Cosmetics Her Chair His Hair

Although primarily geared towards Makeup Artists, Whip Hand has become a strong force in the men's grooming arena. Products ranging from 'Give Good Face' Rosewater Tonic to 'Strike It Rich' Deep Cleansing Oil allow men to take care of their skin without feeling out of place. Most companies do not consider both men and women, but every detail ranging from the bold colors to the strong text suggest that Whip Hand has carefully curated a line that is open to any one. 

Fun fact: the company was founded only 3 years ago in 2011 and launched May 2012! In a few short years they have taken strides to establish themselves as a go to for professionals and consumers alike. I briefly introduced Riese Lauriat in Shaving On Set! but feel she deserves a larger round of applause for her hard work and devotion to this company. A veteren professional makeup artist and esthetician, Riese has more than 15 years of experience in the beauty industry. While Riese loves the creativity of producing beautiful, useable makeup, she will say that her real reason for starting Whip Hand Cosmetics was to open up opportunities for other men and women in the field and to create jobs in Detroit. 

Riese Lauriat, founder of Whip Hand Cosmetics, working on set behind the scenes.

Riese Lauriat, founder of Whip Hand Cosmetics, working on set behind the scenes.

Although in it's infancy, Whip Hand Cosmetics has already been present at large name events and used on awesome celebrities. As I've mentioned, I use it on set all of the time for when I need to do a quick shave or need to ensure the minimal makeup I apply on a male model stays in crazy temperatures. Rashida Bishop, a professional men's groomer, even used it on Patrick Stewart for one of her shoots! They've been featured in Women's Wear Daily, The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Allure Magazine and have sponsored Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami, phew! I can see Riese is keeping her tight knit company busy and it's certainly paying off. 

When asked about their process, Whip Hand stated:
"All of Whip Hand Cosmetics professional makeup artist-quality cosmetics and skin care products are developed and manufactured in Metro-Detroit in small lots, by hand. While this process is more labor-intensive, it allows us to create unique products of exceptional-quality that stand-up to the demands of pros, while also delighting makeup lovers of all colors and walks of life."

Hmm...I'm starting to notice a correlation between companies I love for their quality and this trend of developing their products by hand (cough, Brooklyn Grooming). I can't wait to continue updating you all on their fabulous products and their versatile uses in the shop as well as on set! Have you used Whip Hand Cosmetics before? Tell us in the comments or e-mail us with your feedback, we'd love to hear!

Check back every Monday and Thursday 11:00 AM EST for product reviews, how to's and introductions to our favorite companies. Feel free to submit a product or company that you feel has impacted the men's grooming and barber game!

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Shaving on Set!

Two weeks ago I had FOUR men's editorials, most on location and all of them requiring the models to shave. All of my barbers whether ladies or gentlemen know that a shave in the shop is fun! You have pre-shave oils, hot lather, maybe a steamer and nice hot or cold towels...oh, and a proper chair. Many of my fellow freelancers can agree that shaving is the last thing you want to take care of on set. Aside from time constrictions, people running around constantly asking for ETA to set, and lack of a proper chair, we dread having a model who isn't freshly shaved. Sure, some clients don't mind scruff, but for those who do, it puts a real damper on the makeup application. 

Shaving On Set Her Chair His Hair

I treat men shaving on set just like my female clients having their eyebrows waxed or threaded while preparing for a shoot or special occasion. If you do it too close to the day of the skin will not allow makeup to adhere thus not allowing the artist to cover any redness or flaws. It is a real pain! But I have figured out two small, simple but super helpful solutions that can be applied to shaving whether on set or in a rush. 

Glycerine Shaving on Set Her Chair His Hair

Taking a few drops of your drugstore Glycerine and adding it to your shaving cream will help create a barrier on the skin. What most people fail to realize is that when you shave you're not only removing hair but a layer of skin as well which causes inflammation and redness. This is why pre-shave and after shave oils are so important but when you're in a pinch on set this will be a life saver! By creating a thin layer, it protects the skin and allows the Makeup Artist to apply anything on the skin with ease. It also helps male models or male clients who are 'dry shaving' on set prevent breakouts after. I will note that if you have sensitive skin or are treating your skin with any medication, to please take this tip with a grain of salt, I am not a dermatologist and cannot specify who this will work for. 

Whip Hand Give Good Face Shaving on Set Her Chair His Hair

While your handy Glycerine helps protect the skin while shaving, you should still continue after as well. Although I haven't had the opportunity to discuss Whiphand Cosmetics on Her Chair His Hair yet, I felt that this product was a must to mention! Riese Lauriat has developed a whole line for makeup artists that I have used since day one, it is a staple for sure. Give Good Face is a rosewater toner that can be used before makeup application as well as after to refresh skin that may dry. So why mention it for shaving? Rosewater is known to reduce redness and naturally balance the skin which most men don't realize they need after using their handy razor. Aside from it helping out your client's skin, Whiphand developed a handy 1 ounce bottle for all your travel needs that can be refilled from their larger size bottle. A definite must have in my kit and all of the guys love how it smells!

I want to hear what your go-to products are for shaving on the go or on set! Lady Barbers, Makeup Artists, Men's Groomers, what do you prefer to use? If you give our two products a try, let us know what you think and if it helped at all! Check back on Thursday at 11:00 AM EST for more reviews, helpful tips and our feature on Chase Monroe, Lady Barber extraordinaire! 


Finding Your Barber

Guys, choosing a person to trust your hair with is possibly one of the most daunting personal tasks. "Will they listen?" "How experienced are they?" "Am I going to walk out looking like a peacock?" are possible thoughts that surface in the back of your mind. On top of that, many men don’t know how to explain what they want because since they were young they've always plopped into their local barber's chair and received whatever cut was "appropriate" for a boy. I have a few tips to make searching for your next Barber quick and painless.

Bad Haircut Find Barber HerChairHisHair

1) Yelp. 

Look to see what people are saying about the haircut above anything else. Also, take note of who has the most positive reviews, although don't discredit a stylist if they're not mentioned as much. One good yelp review means someone went out of his or her way to post it. 

 2) Word of Mouth.

Your friends may not always know the best bar to hit on the weekends, but I will guarantee you they will tell you what they think of their Barber. If they're not happy, they may not bash their stylist but you can certainly tell between "they're okay" and "best haircut ever." If you like your friend’s cut consistently, it can't hurt to check the shop out. 

 3) Consultation. 

I can’t tell you how many clients rush me or roll their eyes in the beginning when I ask simple questions like when their last haircut was or how they would like to style it. Once you think you've found your shop and book an appointment, pay attention to this part. This is and will ensure open lines of communication throughout your relationship with your Barber. He or she should want to know what you want to see and how you felt about your previous cut to better gauge what you like best.  

4) Take a stroll. 

All else fails? Take a walk or drive around your area. I have so many die-hard clients who started out as walk-ins. Stop in, chat with them and see how you like the buzz circulating in the shop. Like it? Ask for a quick consultation on what they would do. It takes five minutes, results in you being happy and most likely gives them a new client. 

Let us know your worst or best experiences finding a new barber! Ladies, sound off too; we know you have some great stories about clients who have come in with bad haircuts from the $5 barber. Comment below or shoot us e-mail at HerChairHisHair@gmail.com.


Introducing Brooklyn Grooming

Starting at a new barbershop can mean plenty of things ranging from “Which chair is mine?” to “Do I bring my own products or buy in house?”, the latter being what I freak out about most. Whether you're a veteran or a brand new barber, it’s easy to sympathize with the idea of everything changing when you move to a new shop or salon. In barber school or an apprenticeship, we are given tools that we use as we grow and learn new techniques but eventually we are sometimes told they are no longer acceptable.

Brooklyn Grooming: Brooklyn's First Men's Grooming Line

Brooklyn Grooming: Brooklyn's First Men's Grooming Line

So what does ANY of this have to do with Brooklyn Grooming ? Earlier this year I moved from one men's salon to Barba, and I am so happy to call them my new home! My last salon made their own products in-house so I never had to worry about paying for products, bringing my own or running out. When I began at Barba I thought it was acceptable to bring the same tools over; WRONG! I was still a bit green to how things worked and was told that they carry only one specific line. Unfortunately, as great as the first line was, it had only ONE (very thick) shave cream and nothing else! How is a girl supposed to give an awesome hot towel shave without some fantastic skin care? 


BG has been at Barba about as long as I have after co-owners McKenzie Santiago and Alfredo Ortiz reached out to us via email. It was serendipity! Their products are all hand-bottled in Brooklyn, NY and made with some of the best ingredients you could ask for. Their recipes include organic vegetable butters, beeswax, herbs and essential oils while avoiding chemicals and industrial byproducts. This not only opens up the door to specialize as a Lady Barber for vegans or those with sensitive skin, it also puts you a step above other barbers because the client can definitely tell the quality of what you're putting on them before, during and after their shave. 


As I continue reviewing products on Her Chair His Hair you will see me mention Brooklyn Grooming multiple times because they are always launching something new and because I feel each product deserves its own post. This growing company also sells beard and mustache grooming products, tattoo balms and tonics that are all made naturally. They're definitely a one-stop shop for a lady barber's needs!


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