One Product That'll Make Your Hair Do ANYTHING.

Last week we celebrated our One Month and one of the things I mentioned was how this site exists because of you all. Whether you're a Barber, Stylist, or a guy trying to figure out his hair, you all create this community that I'm continuously working hard to build. With that being said, I've received a request! And no, it's not from anyone in the hairstyling community but from guys who have been reading this. They want to know about Leave In Conditioner because they honestly know nothing about this product. 

All these options, how is anyone supposed to figure out what goop to stick in their hair? One good trick to remember is that it should not feel goopy. Just sayin'. I've compiled three of my favorite leave in conditioners with the following guidelines: Access, Compatibility (with hair types), Design, and Price.

Let's get started.

B for Men Bed Head by TIGI Leave-in Conditioner Her Chair His Hair

1) B for Men, Bed Head by TIGI, $12 is a great option for leave-in conditioner. They're easy to find in Harmon's, on Amazon or their own site while offering a great price that appeals to men. I do find that they're conditioner can lean on the heavy side due to it being a cream so use sparingly. Overall, I give a 7/8 taking one of two points for Compatibility. 

BB Leave In Leave-in Conditioner Her Chair His Hair

2) BB Leave In (Rinse Out) Conditioner, Bumble and Bumble, $26 may just be a cult favorite for many stylists. Bumble is known for their professional quality line for personal use prices. To guys $26 may seem like a lot of money for a leave-in conditioner but what I love about this one is it can be used as both rinse out or leave-in. I always recommend to my clients to condition in the shower when they wash their hair (at least twice a week) but to also use a leave in conditioner if their hair is coarse or hard to style. Bumble is really easy to get your hands on and I don't find their formula too heavy given it's acts as both kinds of conditioner. Definitely an 8/8 overall.

Unite 7 seconds Leave-in Conditioner Her Chair His Hair

3) 7 Seconds Conditioner, Unite, offers my personal favorite leave-in conditioner. It's a spray making it hard to grease up your hair and they offer it for sale on the site (2 oz for $10 or 8 oz for $26.25) or give you a system to find a salon nearby. What I recommend for my guys is to buy both sizes so they have the big one at home but the smaller one for when they shower at the gym. This can be used daily or only a couple of times a week depending on how dry or coarse your hair is. 8/8 in my book for Unite!



Barbers and Stylists, do you use leave in conditioner on your guys? What are some of your favorites? Guys! I've already heard from some of you and now want to hear from the rest, do you use Leave-In Conditioner? Has it worked for you? If not, what did you not like about it? Looking forward to your comments below or as always use the Contact page and send an e-mail!

Until Next Time,