V76 by Vaughn

This week has been an exciting one so far! Between Brooklyn Grooming inviting Her Chair His Hair to Liberty Fairs in New York, chatting with next week's Lady Barber @StylistFairy (hint hint), and previewing the new men's grooming line V76, I'm pooped! But this is all so exciting and it's all because of your support so thank you (no, I will not stop thanking you guys, I'm too grateful). 

So this past Monday was really fantastic. I am a true believer in continued education as a Barber, Stylist, Makeup Artist, you name it. Naturally, I couldn't say no to the Master Class that V76 was putting on regarding Men's Hair for both Stylists and Barbers.

V76 Product HerChairHisHair Review

The day started off with some kick ass stylists from across the country demonstrating various haircuts with totally different techniques. One used the razor, another used texturizing shears all the way around until getting to the top, Vaughn Acord, himself, also demonstrated using traditional shears. Then comes the fun part! Each of us grabbed a model and got to do any haircut that we wanted to and then, once finished, shot with photographer Matt Licari who also shot V76's campaign photos.

During this time, I had the ability to really play with the products and see how they worked. The main products I liked best were:

Grooming Spray. This spray works extremely well for giving hair that extra bit of movement that you don't want to look styled. I am going to love using this on set but especially with my clients who want to show that texture or wave without putting a ton of wax or paste in their hair.

V76 Product HerChairHisHair Review

Pre/Post Detailing Shave Oil. This little piggy is great for detailing work! I hate using hot lather because I end up wiping it off anyway and reapplying where with this oil you can see right where you're shaving. Then massage it in to make the skin smooth. Presto! Crispy lines. 

V76 Product HerChairHisHair Review

Barber's Powder. You're probably saying to yourself 'Really, Cassie? Barber's Powder?' Well to be honest I thought the same thing, too, but then I used it! It works fantastically. Truly! My model had NO hair on him after I used this and claimed he didn't feel the residue. 

V76 Product HerChairHisHair Review

Hydrator Hair & Face Mist. I saw Vaughn personally spray this on his face with the biggest smile and I can see why. It definitely rejuvenates the skin and it doubles as a great back up to water when cutting hair. Vaughn mentioned he likes to have just a small amount of product in the hair when cutting to see how it'll look and I took the cue to try it as well. Although I'm still a fan of cutting without product, it made my model see the results instantly rather than at the end of the cut. 

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 8.47.28 AM.png

This is a young, young brand (only 6 months into the game!) but they are definitely starting off the right way. Small adjustments that any new brand goes through and I think they will be a force to be reckoned with, no doubt. Their price point isn't too high either given the amount of product it comes with and how little you need so definitely give it a try!

Have you heard of this new line coming out? Any desire to try it after hearing about it? Give a shout in the comment section below, I look forward to hearing from you! Know any great indie brands I should check out? I'd love to hear about them. Until next time, Monday and Thursday at 11 AM EST!